Local Butcher

Five reasons to purchase meat from your Local Butcher

Picking up meat from a supermarket can definitely save you time, however, visiting a local butcher can not only be beneficial but also worth the visit. If you are still wondering how below are some reasons why you may want to pick up meat from your local butcher. You are aware of what you will be getting - your local butchers can help you know which local farm the meat is from – perhaps which field. You can get good quality...

Free Range Meat

Why free range meat is better for consumption

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the kind of food that is being consumed. Is the food healthy enough? Was it reared properly? Does it have any adverse effect on the health? These are some of the things that are needed to be kept in mind while having food. Neglecting any of these can lead to serious health hazards. While consuming meat, it is essential to know the rearing process of the animal and whether...

Halal Meat

Halal meat – What does it actually mean?

The etymology of 'Halal' is Arabic and it refers to what is permissible and lawful as per traditional Islamic laws in conjunction with the Quran. With time, this is more often used in reference to food, and more precisely, meat. The term Halal is particularly associated with Islamic dietary laws which involve slaughtering of animals or poultry through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery, and the windpipe. Animals must be alive and healthy during the time of the...