Five reasons to purchase meat from your Local Butcher

Local Butcher

Picking up meat from a supermarket can definitely save you time, however, visiting a local butcher can not only be beneficial but also worth the visit. If you are still wondering how below are some reasons why you may want to pick up meat from your local butcher.

  • You are aware of what you will be getting – your local butchers can help you know which local farm the meat is from – perhaps which field.

  • You can get good quality meat and better selection with a local butcher – choosing the right ‘chunks’ is always a privilege with your local butcher. You may ask for any ‘cut’, which best suits your dish and your pocket. Moreover, chances of fresh meat delivery are always higher at a local butcher’s shop, rather than a fancy supermarket.

  • Trust the expertise of your local butcher – butchery is a profession which is generally passed on through tradition and legacy. At times they are experts in culinary skills and can make great recommendations about the meat and more often than not, some excellent recipes to excite your taste buds.

  • Purchasing meat from a local butcher shop keeps your local farm communities in business purchasing from your local butchers can prove to be a boon for the local farm communities. Such an impetus will only motivate them to deliver better and cheaper meat for your kitchen at home or your restaurant.

  • Go seasonal’ – While seasonal meat can be readily available at supermarkets, it does come with a steep price indeed. Try your local butcher to deliver you the meat which is fresher and tagged with a lesser price tag.

To a good host, nothing can be more satisfying than your guests praising the quality of the food and the preparation of the dish. With The Butchers Register, a professionally accredited web directory, choose the best butcher in town to cater to your needs because after all, ’The proof of the pudding is always in the eating’.

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