Local Produce: your options made ‘healthier’

local produce

Health consciousness can be accounted for the increased demand for poultry. Over the past few years, the poultry raising industry has shown significant growth in local produce, thanks in part to the efforts of celebrity chefs across the UK who have initiated this trend which not only benefits the end user but also is a ‘pay-back’ to the community in contributing to the increase of the local economy. Consumers are now more open to explore gastronomic options with ducks, chicken, and eggs. What added to this change, is the negative press reports on beef and beef products and in turn, catapulted the revenue growth for locally sourced produce industries. There have been quite a few impactful occurrences as an aftermath though –

  • Higher margins of revenue due to demand for high-quality and locally sourced poultry
  • Shift from ‘red-meat’ choices to preference for chicken and eggs
  • Increased demand for ducks owing to foreign cuisines hitting the food industry

Having said that, it is quite pertinent that you pick up the best quality of chicken and duck for your meals. While buying from your local supermarket will definitely save you time, a hunt for local produce ensures that you get the best quality, which is a prerogative for the more health conscious consumers of today. Shopping around can take a little more time but can be really rewarding, save you money and can be more convenient than the weekly big shop. Let’s accept, no matter how pompous your supermarket looks, the produce stocked will always be of an inferior quality as compared to fresh produce from your local suppliers

Not many may be aware of the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of buying locally produced poultry. Below are few suggestions which will help you pick the right choice

  • Check the internet for the local outlets – this is a world of digital marketing. Even local farmers have their websites promoting their produce
  • Find a farmer’s market near you – explore! you are bound to get more options and choices. Tag a friend or somebody along, who has good knowledge of local farmers
  • Visit a farm shop – if you live in a town or village, it is most likely that you will find a farm shop a few miles away. Check-in for a guarantee on the freshness of the product

Sudden guests at home? Want to surprise them with an oriental duck cuisine? High demand from your guests for that finger-licking chicken roast which you have wowed them with before? The Butchers Register gives you a fabulous insight into businesses which offer some of the best poultry produce which are local and high on the taste and freshness quotient. Type in your location to obtain information on the wide variety of local produce of poultry available

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